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The Best Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts


Working out from home has become the norm for many fitness fanatics, and finding appropriate opportunities for fitness-primarily-based sporting events is difficult. One such activity is the barbell hip thrust, known for its energy in building and maintaining the glutes. However, only some have the necessary domestic device or space to perform this exercise. In this text, we will explore some exquisite alternatives to the Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative that may be finished from the comfort of your property, ensuring you can still attain those glute gains without needing a full gymnasium setup.

The Best Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts

Understanding the Barbell Hip Thrust

The Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative is an energy training exercise that often targets the glute muscle tissue. It involves putting a barbell across your hips and lifting it by driving them upward while your top back rests on a bench. This motion isolates the glutes and allows for heavy loading, making it one of the only physical activities for glute development.

Benefits of Barbell Hip Thrusts

The Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative offers several benefits, including accelerated glute strength, stepped-forward lower frame power, and excellent overall athletic performance. It additionally enables improved posture and can alleviate decreased backaches by strengthening the posterior chain. Despite its effectiveness, the barbell hip thrust may only be feasible for some, specifically those working out at home.

Why Look for Alternatives?

People need help accessing a barbell, weight plates, or a robust bench at home. These portions of the system can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Additionally, gradually booming the load may be challenging without several weights.

Space Constraints

Performing Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative requires a lot of space to set up and execute effectively. Finding sufficient room to exercise can be difficult for those living in small apartments or houses.

Personal Preferences and Comfort

Some people find the setup and execution of Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative uncomfortable or intimidating. The barbell’s function throughout the hips can cause pain, and the workout might also feel awkward for beginners or people with mobility troubles.

The Best Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts

Top Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts

Resistance Band Hip Thrusts

How to Perform

  • Resistance band hip thrusts are a tremendous possibility that mimics the movement of Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative but use a resistance band instead of a barbell. To perform this exercise:
  • Locate a resistance band around your hips and anchor it beneath your toes.
  • Lie lower on a bench or a strong floor, and power your hips upward, pushing towards the band’s resistance.
  • Lower your hips, go into reverse, and repeat.


Resistance bands offer variable resistance, making this exercise practical and on hand. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to keep, making them perfect for domestic workout routines. This workout also allows for an extra variety of movement compared to the traditional Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

How to Perform

  • To perform an unmarried-leg glute bridge:
  • Lie on your lower back with one leg bent and the other extended directly.
  • Push through the heel of your bent leg to lift your Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative off the floor while preserving the extended leg instantly.
  • Lower your hips back off and repeat before switching to the other leg.


Single-leg glute bridges are excellent for building unilateral strength, ensuring both sides of your glutes develop equally. They require no equipment and can be intensified by adding a resistance band or holding a weight over your hips. This exercise also engages your core, providing additional benefits.

Dumbbell Hip Thrusts

How to Perform

Dumbbell hip thrusts are much like the Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative, but use a dumbbell positioned throughout your hips. Lie back on a bench or strong floor with your upper back supported. Hold the dumbbell in the vicinity along with your fingers and drive your hips upward, lifting the dumbbell. Lower your hips, backtrack, and repeat.


Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative: Dumbbells are more readily available and frequently more affordable than barbells. This exercise allows you to load your glutes efficiently, providing a stable power-building workout. ConIt’srolling the load is also simpler, making it a safer alternative for novices.

The Best Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts

Bulgarian Split Squats

How to Perform

To perform Bulgarian cut-up squats, stand a few feet in front of a bench or elevated floor. Place one foot behind you at the bench and lower your frame right into a squat along with your front leg, immediately keeping your back and middle engaged. Return to the starting position and repeat before switching to the other leg.


Bulgarian break up squats target the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. They enhance stability and coordination and are a great unilateral exercise for addressing muscle imbalances. Retaining weights in your arms may make this workout more difficult.

Kettlebell Swings

How to Perform

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep a kettlebell with both fingers. Bend your knees barely, hinge at your hips, and swing the kettlebell again among your legs. Thrust your hips ahead to swing the kettlebell as much as chest peak, then let it swing back off and repeat.


Kettlebell swings are dynamic exercises that engage your glutes, hamstrings, and centre. They additionally provide a cardiovascular mission, making them a brilliant addition to any domestic exercise routine. This exercise enhances explosive strength and patience.

Creating a Balanced Home Workout Routine

Incorporating Glute Exercises

To ensure your glutes are adequately targeted, mix and match the abovementioned alternatives. Aim to include at least two or three different glute exercises in your weekly routine for balanced development. This variety helps prevent plateaus and keeps your workouts engaging.

Importance of Variation

Variety is key to avoiding plateaus and maintaining your workout routines. Alternate between resistance band hip thrusts, single-leg glute bridges, and other sports activities to project your muscular tissues in new ways. Incorporating unique resistance and motion styles can also prevent overuse accidents.

The Best Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative for Home Workouts

Safety Tips for Home Workouts

Always prioritize the proper form to prevent accidents. Start with lighter weights or resistance and step by step increase as you build strength. Make sure your exercise region is safe and free from boundaries. If you’re new to those sporting events, consider consulting with a fitness professional to ensure you are acting them effectively.


Finding a satisfactory Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative opportunity for home exercises is all about knowing your wishes and obstacles. Whether operating with minimal gadgets or virtually searching for an alternative, those sports activities can correctly target your glutes and help you attain your fitness desires. Stay consistent, stay secure, and keep pushing those limits.

FAQs about Barbell Hip Thrust Alternative

Aim to work your glutes two to three times per week for exceptional outcomes, allowing rest days in between to ensure muscle healing and growth.

No hassle! Bodyweight sports like single-leg glute bridges and Bulgarian break up squats are effective and require no system.

You can upload resistance bands, dumbbells, or maybe household items like water bottles or rice bags to growth the difficulty.

Feeling sore is not unusual, especially if you're new to these physical activities or growing in depth. Make sure to stretch and hydrate to restore resources.

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