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Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises for Sculpted Upper Arms


Achieving sculpted upper fingers is a common aim among fitness fans. While the biceps frequently get the spotlight, the triceps play an essential role in arm definition and usual upper frame energy. Precisely, the lengthy head of the triceps is crucial for reaching well-rounded, toned fingers. In this article, we can explore the top five Long Head Tricep Exercises activities that assist you in building and outlining your upper palms.

Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises for Sculpted Upper Arms

Why Focus on Long Head Tricep Exercises?

The triceps are a first-rate muscle group within the upper arm, comprising approximately three-quarters of the arm’s muscle tissue. They are responsible for elbow joint extension, which is vital in pushing movements. Well-evolved triceps contribute to average arm power and aesthetics, enhancing the arrival of the top frame.

Anatomy of the Triceps

The triceps brachii retains three heads: the long lead, the lateral head, and the medial director. The Long Head Tricep Exercises is the most extensive and runs along the back of the arm. It originates from the scapula and inserts into the ulna, making it crucial for both arm size and definition. Targeting the Long Head Tricep Exercises specifically can significantly improve the shape and strength of your triceps.

Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises

Overhead Tricep Extension

How to Perform the Exercise

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell with each arm.
  • Lift the dumbbell overhead, keeping your hands thoroughly prolonged.
  • Slowly decrease the dumbbell by bending your elbows at the back of your head.
  • Extend your arms returned to the beginning role, ensuring your top hands remain desk-bound at some stage in the motion.


The overhead tricep extension efficiently isolates the Long Head Tricep Exercises of the triceps, providing a deep stretch and extreme contraction. This exercise is excellent for growing the general size and strength of the triceps, mainly the Long Head Tricep Exercises.

Skull Crushers

How to Perform the Exercise

  • Lie on a bench with a barbell or EZ curl bar.
  • Extend your arms above your chest, conserving the barbell with an overhand grip.
  • Lower the barbell towards your forehead by bending your elbows and keeping your top fingers stationary.
  • Extend your fingers lower back to the starting position, ensuring the movement is managed and precise.


Skull crushers are a staple tricep workout focusing closely on the Long Head Tricep Exercises. They are powerful for building muscles and power in the triceps and present a tremendous project to the lengthy head.

Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises for Sculpted Upper Arms

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

How to Perform the Exercise

  • Bend forward on the waist, retaining a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Keep your top hands close to your frame and bend your elbows to ninety degrees.
  • Extend your palms backwards, squeezing your triceps at the pinnacle of the movement.
  • Return to the beginning role, retaining manipulation for the duration of the workout.


Dumbbell tricep kickbacks target the Long Head Tricep Exercises of the triceps, improving muscle patience and definition. This exercise also improves your mind-muscle connection, supporting your recognition of contracting the triceps correctly.

Tricep Dips

How to Perform the Exercise

  • Sit on the threshold of a bench or chair with your palms gripping the brink beside you.
  • Slide your frame off the bench, helping your weight together with your hands.
  • Lower your frame by bending your elbows, preserving them close to your facets.
  • Push back up to the starting function, completely extending your arms.


Tricep dips are a powerful bodyweight exercise that targets all three heads of the triceps, with a strong emphasis on the lengthy head. They interact with the chest and shoulders, making them complete higher frame exercises.

Close-Grip Bench Press

How to Perform the Exercise

  • Lie on a bench with a barbell, gripping it with your hands nearer than shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower the barbell in your chest, retaining your elbows close to your frame.
  • Push the barbell as often as the beginning function, which specializes in using your triceps.


The close-grip bench press is excellent for building overall tricep mass and strength. The close hand positioning ensures that the triceps, particularly the Long Head Tricep Exercises, are heavily engaged throughout the movement.

Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises for Sculpted Upper Arms

Tips for Maximizing Your Tricep Workout

Proper Form

Maintaining proper form is essential to prevent injuries and ensure that you effectively target the triceps. Focus on controlled movements, avoiding the use of momentum to lift weights. Proper form maximizes muscle engagement and reduces the risk of strain.

Progressive Overload

To construct muscle, you want to increase the burden you lift through the years gradually. This precept, called modern overload, ensures your muscular tissues are constantly challenged, leading to boom and electricity gains. Gradually grow the weight and volume of your exercises to hold your muscle mass adapting.


Recovery is a critical factor in muscle growth. Muscles restore and grow during rest durations, no longer for the duration of workouts. Ensure you sleep well, stay hydrated, and allow your triceps to rest during exercise sessions. Incorporate rest days into your ordinary to prevent overtraining and promote muscle healing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


While training your triceps intensively daily can be tempting, overtraining can cause injuries and preclude your progress. Listen to your body and give it the rest it wishes. Aim for 48 hours of relaxation between tricep workouts to permit adequate healing.

Ignoring Other Muscle Groups

Focusing solely on the triceps can create muscle imbalances and negatively impact your ordinary power and appearance. Ensure you are operating out other muscle companies for a balanced body. Incorporate physical activities that concentrate on the chest, shoulders, and again to complement your tricep schooling.

Top 5 Long Head Tricep Exercises for Sculpted Upper Arms

Poor Nutrition

Stay hydrated and fuel your body with a balanced weight loss program rich in essential vitamins. Proper vitamins enhance workout performance and accelerate healing.


Achieving sculpted upper palms requires determination, the right approach, and focusing on the correct exercises. By incorporating those five Long Head Tricep Exercises activities into your routine, you may be properly on your way to more potent, more excellently defined hands. Remember to balance your workouts, preserve appropriate nutrition, and allow for proper healing. Your triceps will thank you.

FAQs about Long Head Tricep Exercises

Begin with lighter weights to master the shape, then regularly grow the burden as your power improves.

Aim for 3-four units of eight-12 reps to build power and muscle tissue for every exercise.

Many bodily games may be performed domestically with minimum gadgets, dumbbells, and a bench.

With regular attempts and the proper nutrients, you can begin seeing essential consequences to your triceps within some weeks.

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